What it means to Defend Human Rights


In today's update, our colleagues from Kos present in a video what it means to defend human rights.
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As part of our campaign on, we have let people speak out and raise awareness about the situation on Kos and Leros, where people seeking protection are detained by Europe.

Previously, we reported on individuals being detained for months and years (here, here, here  und here), unable to go forward or back, not knowing why.

Today we present our work in a video.

We as human rights lawyers are part of a system we call "rule of law". The actions of the administration must be subject to review - because it must abide by the law. We stand up for this to happen.

It is not an exaggeration to say that the aim of the detention practice in Greece has nothing to do with the law; that it is solely politically motivated. It is true that the sole concern is not to violate laws - the authorities simply do not care about them. Red lines are not in sight - they are miles away, already crossed.

We who insist on these red lines are perceived as a threat. Defamed as smugglers, we become the focus of law enforcement agencies. And we are confronted daily with the fates of people who do not know why they are sitting behind barbed wire, who do not know what they have done wrong, who have lost all hope.

This is also a heavy load for us. But at the same time, this is part of our motivation: to fight against windmills, to stand up for others.

If you want to know more about detention practices, you can visit Our Visual Policy
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