Challenging Systemic Illegal Practices within the European Asylum System

Our Mission is More Than Just a Statement

Our Mission

Equal Rights Beyond Borders is a Greek-German human rights organisation that works to enforce the rights of refugees, asylum seekers and their families. With offices in Athens, Berlin, Chios and Kos, we provide free legal aid to support refugees and asylum seekers in their struggle against illegal and arbitrary practices at the EU’s external borders.

Witnessing violations of our clients’ fundamental rights on a daily basis, our international team of human rights lawyers and advocates relies on legal means to defend and protect the dignity and equality of every person in need, regardless of their individual background. 

We support those who live in zones of lawlessness, where individual rights are disregarded and violated on a daily basis. We believe that all persons should have access to highly qualified legal support. As a matter of course, we provide legal aid to refugees, asylum seekers and their families in Greece and Germany free of charge. We focus on casework and litigation in front of Greek, German and European courts.

We stand with refugees and asylum seekers in the fight against undignified living conditions on the Greek mainland and in the island camps, against unlawful detention, and against illegal deportations. A special focus of ours is legal advice in family reunification cases from all over the world. In addition to individual legal aid, we engage in strategic litigation, research and advocacy.