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Joint Press Release: Take responsibility for unaccompanied minors from Greece!

The German Bundestag will debate today whether Germany should take responsiblity for unaccompanied minors from Greece.

More than 5000 are staying there under terrible conditions. At the same time, an answer to a written question by Member of Parliament, Gökay Akbulut, is becoming public: Germany rejects 3/4 of all requets for family reunification from Greece. Many of them concern precisely these minors. Many are illegal. Equal Rights Beyond Borders wins almost 80 percent of the court cases against the rejections.

The Flüchtlingsrat Niedersachsen, B-UMF and Equal Rights therefore call on the federal government to finally end the blockade on family reunification. And the members of parliament to send a signal so that minors can finally escape the catastrophic conditions.

Find the full press release here (German only).

Two recent case studies

Almost as if to confirm the sad findings, the European Court of Human Rights has once again recognised the disastrous situation of minors in Greece in two decisions and ordered what should go without saying.

A twelve-year-old had tried to apply or asylum at the Greek Asylum Service - and was given an appointment for March. As long as he is not registered as an asylum seeker, however, he cannot be accommodated accordingly. The Court ordered to immediately accommodated him and appoint a guardian.

Already in December, it had been ordered by the court that a boy who was living on the streets is to be placed in a humane accommodation.

After this, the police took him into 'protective custody'. The conditions there were terrible. He became so desperate that he ultimately tried to commit suicide. A higher member of the Greek administration stated that "these attempts can happen amongst adolescents full of anger.” After complaint on non-compliance the court delivered the clearest possible answer. The boy is accommodated in the meantime - for now.

Both decisions can be found below. Both decisions show how devastating the situation is.

You can support our work - as a non-profit we depend on donations. To be successful in this two cases at the European Court of Human Rights, countless hours of work were required. We guarantee that every donation, no matter how much, is spent on what is strictly necessary to achieve the purpose of our work.


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