We reunite families - so that people who are held in the terrible camps on the Aegean islands can be with their relatives in Germany and live together again. In procedures at German administrative courts, we obtain justice in the vast majority of cases. This reveals how systematically the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF)  fails to apply current law and contributes to the fact that parents and children are often separated from each other for years.


We protect unaccompanied minors - by representing them in court and, for example, by arranging for them to be placed in suitable state accommodation. Many hundreds of unaccompanied refugee children in Greece live homeless on the streets, completely on their own and without protection. If they are apprehended, the Greek police hold them in prison cells, sometimes for many weeks - in solitary confinement and under unworthy conditions. In numerous summary proceedings at the European Court of Human Rights, our attorneys have enforced respect for children's rights and have not lost a single case so far!

Since the fire in Moria, the situation on the Greek islands has worsened again - which was unimaginable before. 

A relocation of the concerned persons to safety in other EU countries is now more important than ever.

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