In Berlin, we research and advocate for the rights of people who are subject to the EU hotspot approach, the EU Turkey Deal and illegal administrative practices preventing family unit, as well as on (Dublin) deportations. Legal analysis enables us to advocate for the rights of asylum seekers, and to enforce their rights in individual cases.


Our research on the one hand focuses on the rights of asylum seekers in the Dublin system. We address illegal administrative agreements and practices through advocacy and strategic litigation. Our academic and other publications contribute to raising awareness of the unacceptable violations of fundamental rights of asylum seekers. Our guideline on family reunification under the Dublin III Regulation enables lawyers and counsellors in different member states to provide qualified legal support in this regard. We regularly give workshops on family reunification under the Dublin III Regulation in Greece and in Germany.


The EU hotspots and the EU Turkey Deal form the second focus of our research. Disentangling policy papers, informal agreements, and national as well as EU asylum law is key to understanding EU externalization policies. Through our continuous presence on the ground in Chios we are aware of the consequences of the implementation of externalization policies. Suffering of human beings in dire conditions instead of an EU providing international protection to those in need. A clear understanding of the legal framework allows to engage in discussion with the relevant political actors.


Our reports focus on reception conditions in Greece, with a focus on EU hotspots and the situation of unaccompanied minors. We are planning to expand our work in this regard.


We participate in panel discussions, expert tables and engage in a discussion with the relevant political actors. We have published numerous articles, blogposts and working papers. We work in close cooperation with our partners in Greece, Germany and on an EU level.

The Berlin office is involved in litigation processes of the Athens office as well as in those of other organisations. We offer (academic and legal) support in order to enforce justice.


Booklet on Family Reunion under the Dublin III Regulation
(German and English)



On Friday, 31 August 2018, the Research Centre for Migration Law (Forschungsstelle Migrationsrecht), in cooperation with Diakonie Deutschland, organised a training course on the subject of family reunification, which focused on the requirements and procedures for family reunion under the Dublin III Regulation. Robert and lawyer (and member of our advisory board) Dr. Hannah Tewocht, gave an overview of the practice-relevant issues in the field of family reunification under the Dublin III Regulation as well as for beneficiaries of subsidiary protection under § 36a of the Residence Act. In addition to the legal basics, questions of legal protection were also addressed and discussed with the participants.


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